ARES (Aerial Reconfigurable Embedded Systems) is a ducted-fan cargo-carrying unmanned air vehicle in development by Lockheed Martin and Piasecki Aircraft under a DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Project Agency) program. The original DARPA "Transformer" program was intended to develop a "flying jeep," but the ground portion of the platform was scrapped in 2012 to focus on aerial resupply.

Piasecki is responsible for the flight module and its rotating machinery and Lockheed is developing the flight-control software. The full-size prototype will have 42 feet wingspan and 7.5 feet diameter ducted fans.  The vehicle will fly up to 200 knots to transport a detachable payload module. 

Phase 3 of the ARES program will culminate in flight tests of the UAV in mid-2015.

February 2014 - Skunk Works ARES Promotional Video

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