C-Target Drone

C-Target 3 (Photo: ASV)

C-Target 6 (Photo ASV)

C-Target 9 (Photo ASV)

C-Target 13 (ASV Photo)

C-Targets are unmanned surface vehicles built by Autonomous Surface Vehicles (ASV) Ltd available in 3, 6, 9 and 13 meters in length and designed for training navies against the threat of Fast Inshore Attack Craft (FIAC). The drones can reach speeds up to 60 knots and can be optionally manned or remotely controlled.  The visual, thermal and radar signature of these vessels can be modified to simulate various threats. ASV has built over 25 target drones to date for a range of UK and International customers.

ASV Delivers Target Drones to South Korea 

15 November 2013 - Autonomous Surface Vehicles (ASV) Ltd, the global leader in Unmanned Marine Systems, have successfully completed phase one of a two phase C-Target 9 programme with South Korea. The highly manoeuvrable, ultra realistic, high speed marine target drones will be used in the test and evaluation of a new weapon system.

In early 2013, Korean company GigaRF looked to ASV to provide four 9 metre target drones for the Agency of Defence Development (ADD). ASV has worked closely with GigaRF to ensure the timely delivery of the first two vehicles. Phase one was completed on the 17th October with the first two boats carrying out acceptance tests at ASV's site in Portchester, UK, with GigaRF and ADD in attendance.

Construction of the phase two marine target drones is already underway and will be completed in early 2014.