DragonSpy prototype (photo courtesy of NEANY).

DragonSpy is an unmanned surface vehicle (USV) developed by Maryland-based NEANY.  The 11 foot craft draws 1.5 feet of water, has a payload capacity of 400 pounds, and was first displayed in 2012. The USV's potential payloads include an ARES 7.62 mm externally powered gun mounted on L-3 Communications IOS’s Advanced Remote Weapon Station (ARWS).  Alternatively, the vessel has been tested with Precision Remote's TRAP T360 ultra-light weapon mount, and i2Tech's i200L camera.  DragonSpy can even be equipped with a small landing pad on the bow to accommodate quadcopters.  The vessel's sensor range can also be extended out to 100 nautical miles by linking with the company's Arrow unmanned air system.

The prototype craft has electric propulsion allowing it a cruising speed of six knots for three hours, with a maximum speed of up to 10 knots.  A hybrid engined version of DragonSpy has a much longer range, featuring a 30 gallon gas or diesel tank.  The craft is designed for patrol missions in littoral or inshore waters.

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NEANY Promotional Video

DragonSpy equipped with Precision Remotes' PRL T-360 Navy - Precision Targeting Remotely Controlled Weapons Station.  The weapon is a stabilized remotely operated ARES 7.62mm machine gun.