Pakistan's Chief of Naval Staff Admiral Muhammad Asif Sandila views UQAB UAV in service at the HQ 1st Pakistan Marine Battalion near Karachi. (Photo: The News Tribe)

UQAB-II is an indigenously produced ground-launched tactical UAV in service with Pakistan's Navy since July 2011. The UAV is manufactured by Pakistan's Global Industrial and Defefense Solutions (GIDS) and has a range of 100 km and endurance of more than 6 hours. The aircraft can carry a 20kg payload consisting of a gyro-stabilized gimbal with color day camera, and a thermal imager with target tracking and locking capabilities which can transmit real time video to the aircraft's ground control station (GCS).  The UQAB's GCS is a truck mounted air-conditioned, insulated container equipped with ruggedized consoles.

Newsclip on UQAB-II Navy introduction.