Fleet Class Common Unmanned Surface Vehicle (CUSV)

The Fleet Class Common USV will be an integral part of the Littoral Combat Ship's mine counter-measures package. The Fleet class will support the Unmanned Influence Sweep System (UISS), a long endurance, semi-autonomous minesweeping capability which will provide LCS with a stand off capability to counter magnetic and acoustic mines.

Textron Systems Unmanned System fourth-generation CUSV has conducted over 1,800 hours of in-water testing.

Initial Operating Capability is expected in 2015.

Textron Systems Begins On-Water Testing for Common Unmanned Surface Vehicle (CUSV™)

11 January 2017Textron Systems Unmanned Systems announced today that it began on-water testing for the fourth-generation Common Unmanned Surface Vehicle (CUSV™), supporting the U.S. Navy's Unmanned Influence Sweep System (UISS) program.

Textron Systems completed the design, build and component test phases of the UISS program in November 2016. Following component testing, Textron Systems began the systems level integration and test (I&T) phase, culminating in dockside and on-water testing in Lake Pontchartrain near its Marine & Land Systems facility in Louisiana. The I&T phase includes functional testing of the system's integrated generators, engines, datalinks, as well as on-water maneuverability testing. Textron Systems will move into builders' trials upon completion of I&T and then formal testing to validate system functionality with the U.S. Navy later this year.

"We are excited to begin system level testing of our first UISS system with mine countermeasure capabilities for the U.S. Navy," says Vice President of Control and Surface Systems Wayne Prender. "Unmanned technology has come such a long way, and we are looking forward to beginning to apply our critical technology to protect our Naval warfighters."The Textron Systems Unmanned Systems fourth-generation CUSV is a multi-mission unmanned surface vehicle with a large, configurable payload bay.

Since its first demonstration in 2009, the CUSV has successfully completed several prominent exercises with the U.S. Navy. Today, the variations of the CUSV have amassed more than 2,000 on-water operational hours, and the craft is capable of carrying multiple payloads, including side-scan sonar, mine neutralization, nonlethal weapons, and intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance sensors. Textron Systems' team includes its Marine & Land Systems business to leverage its 48 years of naval experience and proven ship-building capability, alongside the company's unmanned systems expertise.

Textron Introduces Fourth Generation Unmanned Surface Vehicle

20 November 2015 - Textron Systems has announced that its fourth generation Common Unmanned Surface Vehicle (CUSV) will be deployable from ports and ships, including both versions of the Littoral Combat Ship.  The 11 meter all-aluminum craft can be deployed and retrieved using a Man-Portable Control Unit. The USV has dual stern drives with counter-rotating propellers. 

CUSV will support mine countermeasure missions include sweeping, hunting and neutralization. The sweeping system will be capable of targeting acoustic, magnetic, and combined influence mines.

Textron Systems Awarded Contract for Unmanned Mine Countermeasures System

8 October 2014 - Textron Systems Unmanned Systems has been awarded a $33.9 million contract by the U.S. Navy to provide the Littoral Combat Ship (LCS) with an unmanned mine counter-measures system.  

The Navy's Unmanned Influence Sweep System (UISS)  is designed to neutralize acoustic, magnetic, and magnetic/acoustic combination mines. The UISS consist of a Common Unmanned Surface Vehicle which tows a Mk104 acoustic sensor and transmits images to the LCS via real-time line-of-sight communications.  The USV also towspayload that emits magnetic and acoustic signatures impersonating a ship in order to detonate influence mines. 

If exercised, additional contract options could total $118 million.  The Navy will procure up to 52 UISS packages, including six for training.

LCS Program Office for Unmanned Systems Update 

1 February 2013 - Video: LCS Program Office CAPT Ashton discusses Unmanned Mine Countermeasures Systems.

CUSV Tested at Trident Warrior

12 August 2012 - Textron Systems Fleet-class Common Unmanned Surface Vessels (CUSV) demonstrated collaborative unmanned mine-hunting and mine-neutralization operations during the Trident Warrior 2012 U.S. Navy Fleet Experiment, July 9-20, at Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton.

The CUSV team executed six real-time, mine warfare detect-to-engage scenarios in a littoral environment, using two CUSVs controlled by a solo operator at a single control station. The systems were able to detect and prosecute simulated mines laid by U.S. Navy personnel. The CUSVs launched the Sea Fox mine neutralization UUV, which uses a shape charge to destroy mines.

Textron Systems' Trident Warrior CUSV Video.

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