L-3 Calzoni developed the U-RANGER unmanned surface vehicle for as a mine-hunting platform for the Italian Ministry of Defense.  The modular vehicle can carry a variety of payloads and features three control modes: manual/radio control, automatic pre-planned tracks, and autonomous, with obstacle avoidance and target identification features.

Three versions of U-RANGER have operated with the Italian Navy:

  1. The MINI-RANGER is 5 meters in length with 2 Sidescan sonars (1 hull mounted, 1 towed).  This vessel has supported minehunting and hydrographic surveys in shallow waters.  
  2. The U-RANGER MS is 7 meters in length and designed for maritime security. This version has supported harbor protection trials with NATO and the European Defense Agency's Harbor Protection Systems (EDA HaPS) program.
  3. The U-RANGER MH is 11 meters in length, and designed primarily for heavy payloads such as minesweeping and anti-submarine warfare.