MQM-107E Kalkara

A derivative of the MQM-107 Streaker, Kalkara (aboriginal for "storm petrel") is a subsonic unmanned aerial target system (UATS) first flown in 1992. In 1994 a production contract was awarded to Tracor (now BAE Systems). Australia purchased the MQM-107E variant, which launches from land or ships with a Rocket Assisted Take-off (RATO) system.  The aircraft is recovered into the water by parachute, and can be re-used up to 17 times.

Payloads are carried on wingtip and underwing mounts and include the Advance Radar Missile Scorer (ARMS) vector scoring systems (with sensors fitted to the aircraft), MDI scoring system (with sensors fitted to the towed targets), and the Hayes Universal Towed Target System (HUTTS), and IR/RF counter-measures.

The Royal Australian Navy has used Kalkara as a test target for the Evolved Sea Sparrow Missile (ESSM ).