Unmanned Surface Vehicles

Unmanned Surface Vehicles (sometimes referred to as unmanned surface vessels) fill a variety of roles in today's navies, including force protection, mine hunting, and intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance.  Click on the links above under "Surface" to learn more.

Armed USVs: A Deeper Dive

30 October 2012 - In depth analysis on the the U.S. Navy's recent testing of Rafael's Protector Unmanned Surface Vehicle.

Insights into Unmanned ASW

24 August 2012 - Scott Cheney-Peters discusses the operational and tactical aspects of autonomous sub-hunting.

CUSV Tested at Trident Warrior

12 August 2012 - Textron Systems Fleet-class Common Unmanned Surface Vessels (CUSV) demonstrated collaborative unmanned mine-hunting and mine-neutralization operations during the Trident Warrior 2012 U.S. Navy Fleet Experiment, July 9-20, at Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton.

The CUSV team executed six real-time, mine warfare detect-to-engage scenarios in a littoral environment, using two CUSVs controlled by a solo operator at a single control station. The systems were able to detect and prosecute simulated mines laid by U.S. Navy personnel. The CUSVs launched the Sea Fox mine neutralization UUV, which uses a shape charge to destroy mines.

Textron Systems' Trident Warrior CUSV Video.

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