DIY Naval Drones

The introduction of low cost microelectronics, autopilots and other technology (see DIY Drones) has created a maker renaissance. The technology to develop quadrotors and other UAVs has been placed into the hands of hobbyists and university students. DIY unmanned surface vessels and unmanned underwater vehicles are also in the works. 

DIY Naval Drones: Floating Quadcopter

13 November 2012 - The ability to capture video above, on, and under the surface of the water with a single small drone creates an interesting range of options for hobby, scientific, commercial, or military use.

Cloak Blade Navy Demo

20 September 2012 - The Navy Warfare Development Command’s Navy Center for Innovation will demonstrate John Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory's Cloak Blade Micro-Copter on September 24.

UUV build using NXTBee XBee Radio and LEGO MINDSTORMS NXT.