Luna is a tactical UAS built by Germany's EMT.  Luna's payload includes a color video CCD camera for pilot view; a camera to monitor wing ice build-up, a tiltable three-axis stabilized modular, sensor platform, and downward looking color video zoom CCD cameras.  Optional sensors include a medium-wave thermal imager video camera with zoom, near-IR video (zoom) CCD cameras.  A two-way microwave data link (C-band) provides control, telemetry, and real-time video down link out to the vehicle's maximum range of 100 km.

Luna is launched by bungee catapult and recovered by net or parachute. An unique feature of LUNA is an ability to perform no-acoustic signature glides without engine power and to restart its engine on command.

In June 2012, Pakistan's Navy purchased eight Luna UAVs and two ground control stations for its Marine shore surveillance units.

Pakistan's Chief of Staff briefed on Army Luna UAVs.