Buster configured to launch from USS FLORIDA (SSGN-728).

Buster is a small unmanned air system developed by Mission Technologies, Inc.  The 15 pound, joined-wing airframe has a single tractor propeller.  The aircraft can transmit real time video from its dual EO/IR sensors during missions lasting up to four hours and 20 nautical miles away from its launch position.

Buster was tested aboard USS FLORIDA (SSGN-728) and was deployed to the Persian Gulf in 2007-2008 aboard USS MONTPELIER (SSN-765).  The UAS can be flown from a bungee-cord powered-launcher on the submarine's sail within 10 minutes of the submarine surfacing.

The first UAV ever to be launched from a surface submarine was a variant of the Dragon Eye off USS Albany (SSN-753) on 25 July 2005.