Naval Drones in Pop Culture

ScanEagle has Bit Part in Tom Hanks Blockbuster

October 2013 - Boeing's ScanEagle UAV is shown launching from USS Bainbridge in Tom Hank's fall blockbuster "Captain Phillips."  During the 2009 real world rescue of the captain of the Maersk Alabama, Bainbridge's unmanned air vehicle provided critical over-watch of the lifeboat and three pirates holding Captain Phillips hostage.

U.S. Navy ScanEagle footage of Maersk Alabama lifeboat.

Art, Technology, and Drones
8 September 2012 - A unique mash-up of unmanned aircraft and 3D printing has implications for future naval operations.

Move Over Jessica Biel - Tom Cruise to Fly a Drone in Top Gun II?

19 August 2012 – According to Kolo TV, Tom Cruise was in Fallon, Nevada last week preparing to reprise his role in Top Gun. In the sequel to the 1986 movie which glorified naval aviation for an entire generation, Cruise will apparently be one of the last hold-outs flying the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter, while the rest of the Navy has moved on to unmanned air vehicles. This movie will be the second time navy drones have been featured prominently in pop culture. In the 2005 film Stealth, Jessica Biel and Jamie Foxx struggled to keep up with an artificial intelligence-driven autonomous drone gone rogue.

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Nice overview of the RQ-11 RAVEN featured in 2012's "Act of Valor" featuring actual Navy SEALs.