In November 2014, Saab and PT Lundin unveiled their Bonefish unmanned surface vessel (USV) technology demonstrator at Indo Defence 2014.  

Like the American ACTUV, the platform combines a trimaran hull with remote and autonomous control systems. It is integrated with radar, acoustic and electro-optical sensors and multiple communication systems. This USV can provide support for a number of operational capabilities, including anti-piracy, surveillance, anti-submarine warfare, mine countermeasures, search and rescue, electronic warfare, target training and environmental assessment.

The 12 meter long BONEFISH is a result of collaboration between Saab and PT Lundin where Saab brings technology and know-how to provide the full mission capability and PT Lundin provides the essential platform skills.

The BONEFISH programme is a USV technology demonstrator intended to explore the potential for this class of system. Its future development will depend on an assessment of the utility of the concept as well as customer demand for the capability.The BONEFISH is built on a trimaran hull design similar to the Stealth Fast Attack Craft. THE BONEFISH has a mission bay that can carry a very wide variety of equipment. “The BONEFISH USV is demonstration of Saab’s technology and Indonesian industry’s ability to develop solutions that are relevant to the country’s defence requirements while having potential in the global marketplace,” says Dan Enstedt, President & CEO, Saab Asia Pacific.