Banshee Target Drone

The BTT-3 Banshee is a subsonic aerial target drone produced by Meggitt Defence Systems.  The drone is catapult launched from land or ships deck and can be recovered for re-use with a parachute. Banshee avionics include an autopilot, telemetry, GPS and waypoint navigation system to support flight profiles of over 100 km.  Up to four Banshees can be controlled from a single ground station.  Payloads can include up to 16 smoke tracking flares, up to 16 Infra red tracking flares, hot nose, black-body IR source, IR and chaff decoy dispensing pods, an IFF transponder capable of modes A and C, two 7.5” and/or 2 off 5.5” Luneberg Lenses, Frequency specific, active radar augmenters, Radar altimeter, sea-skimming module, and Acoustic and Doppler radar MDI.

Banshee has seen service in 30 countries.