News from Chief of Naval Operations, N99

Chief of Naval Operations N99 Stand-up Message

R 021341Z NOV 15







1. To improve our ability to rapidly integrate unmanned warfare systems into the Fleet, Navy Headquarters staff is establishing the Unmanned Warfare Systems directorate (N99). This new resource sponsor will: a) identify, develop, and field unmanned technologies and systems that sustain and advance our warfighting capabilities; b) accelerate the development of unmanned prototypes and Fleet experimentation; c) improve our ability to develop new operational concepts that incorporate unmanned technologies into our warfighting capabilities; d) align our unmanned investment strategy to deliver future naval warfighting capabilities; and e) independently assess Navy's future unmanned warfighting capabilities.

2. This staff realignment is informed by two previous studies that analyzed organizational models to focus OPNAV on what capabilities the Fleet needs to be effective, as well as improve the accountability for resourcing decisions at Echelon I. The studies concluded that consolidation of procurement, manpower, training, and readiness resources under accountable resource sponsors would incentivize effective decision-making and better align OPNAV to the Navy's warfighting and readiness needs. The creation of OPNAV N99 directly and most effectively addresses the conclusions and recommendations of these studies with respect to unmanned systems.

3. The Director, Unmanned Warfare Systems (N99) will assume the responsibility for the rapid development and integration of unmanned warfare systems across the portfolios currently resourced by the Directors of Expeditionary Warfare (N95), Surface Warfare (N96), Undersea Warfare (N97), Air Warfare (N98), and the Deputy Chief of Naval Operations for Information Dominance and Director of Naval Intelligence (N2/N6). N99 will have the authority and responsibility of taking promising, nascent unmanned concepts and systems (pre-milestone 'B'), assessing their warfighting application, guiding them through the initial acquisition process, and passing them to the appropriate resource sponsors for continued management. RADM Robert Girrier assumes the duty as Director, N99, upon its establishment on 2 November 2015.

4. In terms of resources, this realignment will be zero-sum to Navy.

5. The N99 stand up is commensurate with the establishment of the Deputy Under Secretary of the Navy for Unmanned Systems and to inform our fiscal year 2018 (FY18) program objective memorandum (POM) decisions.

6. Released by ADM J. M. Richardson, Chief of Naval Operations.//

Director of Navy's New Unmanned Weapons System Office Assigned

26 June 15 - The Department of Defense has announced that Rear Admiral Robert P. Girrier will be assigned as director, unmanned weapons systems, N99, Office of the Chief of Naval Operations, Washington, District of Columbia. Girrier is currently serving as deputy commander, U.S. Pacific Fleet, Pearl Harbor, Hawaii.